Monitoring green #stormwater infrastructure projects in #Philadelphia #PWD

One of my favorite infrastructure improvements projects I like to see in urban areas are ones that deal with stormwater management. In greater Philadelphia alone, there has been increasing awareness about protecting and enhancing watersheds, mainly due to the more frequent flooding events which close roads, damage properties, and strain infrastructure. The Philadelphia Water Department … More Monitoring green #stormwater infrastructure projects in #Philadelphia #PWD

Plant ID, #Chatbots, and confronting invasive #porcelain-berry @InvasiveNotes @InvasiveInfo

I spent a few hours today combating porcelain-berry at Woodford Mansion. Now that the beautiful berries are apparent everywhere, its [relatively] easy to find and eliminate at the early stages. But wait: how do you know the difference between the native and non-native species? In this area we have also have a native wild grape … More Plant ID, #Chatbots, and confronting invasive #porcelain-berry @InvasiveNotes @InvasiveInfo

#Schmidt’s Commons: Failed #piazza, successful #urban destination.

I spent my lunchbreak sunning at Schmidt’s Commons, a 80,000 square-foot, open-air urban space in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia that’s part of a larger mixed-use development district. The entire complex comprises of 35 artists’ studios and boutiques and several restaurants. The property was developed by Bart Blatstein as “the Piazza” and then sold to Kushner Properties in 2013, … More #Schmidt’s Commons: Failed #piazza, successful #urban destination.

Laurel Hill Cemetery

As a caretaker and tour guide of an historic home in Fairmount Park along the Schuylkill River, we’re often reminded about where famous Philadelphians were born, lived and made history. In the colonial period of Philadelphia, a majority of these events would likely have happened along the Delaware River in what is now called Old … More Laurel Hill Cemetery