Increasing Biodiversity in Historic Gardens

I’ve spent most of my career stewarding and preserving cultural institutions in some way or another. Lately its been historic properties. These are some of the most challenging typologies to work with due to their shear limitations. Historic districts, National Historic Landmarks, cultural landscape reports, wills, and other local/state/national regulations for properties designated as historic. … More Increasing Biodiversity in Historic Gardens

Advocating for Heritage Trees During Construction

In major construction projects there’s a lot of moving parts and variables to account for. It is the job of the architect, landscape architect, and engineer to communicate in their drawings how to successfully build their design. In this post, I’d like to briefly explain a scenario with our South Lawn cistern project that required … More Advocating for Heritage Trees During Construction

Following the Master Plan and Stay on Budget!

An exciting initiative to be working on at Tudor Place is the development of their Master Preservation Plan. In a nutshell it aims to address several infrastructure upgrades that will protect the long-term integrity of the historic structures and collections. I arrived just in time for the construction phase of the first project in the … More Following the Master Plan and Stay on Budget!