Research + Writing

Selected contributions

Professional Reports

Cultural Landscape and Sustainability Report: Castle in the Clouds Historic Lucknow Estate. Castle Preservation Society [2010]

Historic Landscape Report: Tuckahoe Plantation. Garden Club of Virginia [not published]

Historic Designation Report: The Streetscapes of Madison Square and St. Alban’s Place, Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia Historical Commission [2007]

Academic [unpublished]

The role of the landscape architect: How it facilitates and promotes renewable wind development in the United States and the United Kingdom. Masters Dissertation: University of Exeter. 2009

Case study:  An analysis of the the records and information management (RIM) practices at the Calypso Corporation. Wayne State University, LIS 6780. 2013.

Patron Driven Collection Development in Academic Libraries: Advantages and Disadvantages. Wayne State University, LIS 7340. 2013

A plan for reviewing journal holdings in an academic library. Wayne State University, LIS 7060. 2013.

Case study: Management theory applications for Si Quaeris University. Wayne State University, LIS 7040. 2013

Organizing a College Library’s Collection of Knowledge. Wayne State University, LIS 6210. 2012.

The New Academic Reference Department: Transitioning to a Learning Commons. Wayne State University, LIS 6120. 2012.

A critical evaluation of the Water Framework Directive’s [UK] potential to deliver more sustainable land management practices within river catchments. University of Exeter, POLM052. 2007

A report on the Highways Agency’s [UK] actions in introducing sustainability principles into policies concerning its design, maintenance, and retrofitting of roads.University of Exeter, POLM052. 2007

The case for revised policy advocating small-scale and community-based profit orientated RE schemes. University of Exeter, POLM052. 2007

An Evaluation of Global Leadership in Sustainable Development. University of Exeter, ESPM0005. 2007

Environmental Impacts Report: Waveyard Water Complex, Mesa, Arizona. USA. University of Exeter, ESPM002. 2007

The City of Leeds’ [UK] Architectural Design Services: The importance of design alliances and partnerships in delivering sustainable communities. University of Exeter, ESPM001. 2008

Professional Societies / Contributions

Pidgeon Digital. Multimedia & Technology Reviews, Art Libraries Society of North America. 2017 URL:

MyCity, MySounds. Multimedia & Technology Reviews, Art Libraries Society of North America. 2017 URL:

The Interactive Architecture Lab. Multimedia & Technology Reviews, Art Libraries Society of North America. 2016 URL:

Publications About

Guru Talk: Joshua Meyer – KieranTimberlake. DAM Guru Program, 2015. URL:

“Boxwood Blues.” Garden&Gun, Garden&Gun Magazine, April/May 2019,

Internal Reports

Materials Library Strategies. KieranTimberlake. 2016

Developing a Master Taxonomy. KieranTimberlake. 2015

An Investigation of Materials Research Databases. KieranTimberlake. 2017

File Naming Standards. KieranTimberlake. 2016

Migration Guidelines for SharePoint. KieranTimberlake. 2016

User Instruction Guide for OpenAsset. KieranTimberlake. 2016

KM Guidelines + Standards for KT Systems. KieranTimberlake. 2016

Conducting Precedent Research at KT. KieranTimberlake. 2017