I like helping people. More specifically, I like working with friends and acquaintances to help uncover, identify, and pursue their life goals and desires, as well as tackle their challenges. To complement these relationships, I decided to pursue life coach certification to ensure that I was equipped with the proper tools and resources for success. The truth is that we as humans are more successful when we are held accountable, and enlisting the help of a life coach is a common strategy for ensuring measured progress in your life. This person can help you identify barriers and challenges, engage in active goal setting, and be your champion for positive outcomes. And again, most importantly, they help manage your progress over time by valuing accountability. I’m interested in talking about your future, and not your past.

If you would like to learn more about my process and the coaching relationship, please contact me to discuss current opportunities. I’m currently accepting new clients on a limited basis, and am open to many forms of communication, including: phone; video chat; and in-person sessions.

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