Garden Coaching

Josh Meyer Woodford Mansion


Josh Meyer, ASLA and Certified Life Coach

A garden coach is a consulting designer and landscaper suited to gardeners who want to perform most of their gardening and landscaping, but need assistance in getting started on specific projects and building knowledge for successful outcomes.

As a full member of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) as well as a certified life coach, I am uniquely equipped to help you identify barriers and challenges, engage in active goal setting, and be your champion for positive outcomes.

DO YOU like the idea of tackling garden and yard projects on your own, but are intimidated on where to begin?

ARE YOU interested in beautifying the grounds of your property, but lack the required expertise in horticulture, design, ecology, and sustainability?

DO YOU have a vision for your yard, but need assistance in developing a concept and plan of action?

ARE YOU intrigued by the concept of embarking on a co-journey with a seasoned professional to help tap into your creative side?

IF YOU answered yes to any of the above prompts, then let’s talk!


vegetable/fruit gardens | period gardens | pollinator gardens | rain gardens | 

storm-water management | increasing biodiversity / habitats | planting plans

plant selection | garden restoration | sustainable maintenance strategies |

maintenance schedules | erosion control | pet friendly yards | beautification

view-shed management | vegetative screening | difficult sites

If you would like to learn more about my process and the coaching relationship, please contact me to discuss current opportunities. I’m currently accepting new clients on a limited basis, and am open to many forms of communication, including: phone; video chat; and in-person sessions.


First site visit [or virtual]                                                           No Charge

Monthly subscription*                                                                $250 /month

Project based                                                                                $75 /hour

*Four hours of services plus unlimited email queries. Hourly rate discounted to $50 /hr.



life coach certification


Standard hourly rate

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Monthly subscription rate

Payment for monthly subscription service


Discounted hourly rate

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