Following the Master Plan and Stay on Budget!

An exciting initiative to be working on at Tudor Place is the development of their Master Preservation Plan. In a nutshell it aims to address several infrastructure upgrades that will protect the long-term integrity of the historic structures and collections. I arrived just in time for the construction phase of the first project in the … More Following the Master Plan and Stay on Budget!

Economic #Ecology for #floodplain #restoration

The theme of my website is Natural + Built Environment 2.0: People, Planet, Profit, and Purpose. It’s a working phrase put forth with the intention of creating a dialog around concepts that should be important to green collar professionals living in the information age. We are informed about the latest technologies being used in the natural … More Economic #Ecology for #floodplain #restoration

Monitoring green #stormwater infrastructure projects in #Philadelphia #PWD

One of my favorite infrastructure improvements projects I like to see in urban areas are ones that deal with stormwater management. In greater Philadelphia alone, there has been increasing awareness about protecting and enhancing watersheds, mainly due to the more frequent flooding events which close roads, damage properties, and strain infrastructure. The Philadelphia Water Department … More Monitoring green #stormwater infrastructure projects in #Philadelphia #PWD

ChesLen Preserve

ChesLen Preserve is great destination for naturalists and outdoor enthusiasts and has miles and miles of trails trekking through the prettiest fields, woods, stream corridors, and serpentine barrens of Chester County, PA. At 1,263-acres, it is overseen by the Natural Lands Trust, and is one of the largest private nature preserves in southeastern Pennsylvania. What … More ChesLen Preserve