For over ten years, I have been working with organizations empowered by the natural and built environment to help advance their mission-driven goals and objectives. Beginning with a foundation in landscape architecture and design, experiences with master planning, cultural landscape reports, and historic garden restoration helped me to develop a practice rooted in project management, research, and consensus building.

While working and pursuing further training abroad in the UK for almost three years, I gravitated toward coursework in sustainability, with a specific focus on building sustainable communities on the social, environmental, and economic level at many scales. After returning back to the United States in 2010, my interest in research and collections-based landscape architecture and planning projects inspired me to attend library school, where I worked in various related capacities for the next five years, including: public libraries; archives; digital asset management; records management; and special collections.

With increasing experience working and partnering for many non profits, corporations, and municipalities, I became interested in the concepts of continuous improvement, knowledge sharing, and organizational efficiency through the lens of information management. In the fall of 2015, I entered the field of knowledge management by becoming the first knowledge manager at a distinguished architecture, research, and planning firm in Philadelphia. At this capacity, I am effectively able to utilize all of my skills and abilities to help pursue mission-driven goals and objectives.

My personal mission and purpose is rooted in three essentials tenets:

Purpose: make meaningful contributions to organizations empowered by the natural and built environment to help advance their mission-driven goals and objectives.

Integrity: demonstrate a deep commitment and responsibility to uphold the code of ethics as prescribed by governing and overseeing authorities, and to always pursue best practices and follow industry standards.

Service: be of service to something greater than yourself, meeting the needs of a purposeful cause and/or community with respect, humility, and commitment.




  • BS Landscape Architecture, Temple University 2007
  • MS Sustainable Development, University of Exeter UK 2009
  • MLIS – Master of Library & Information Science, Wayne State University 2013

Past Employment, Partners, and Clients

  • Office of the University Architect- University of Pennsylvania
  • Longwood Gardens
  • Thomas Memorial Library, Cape Elizabeth, Maine
  • Scarborough Library, Scarborough, Maine
  • Topsham Public Library, Topsham, Maine
  • Castle Preservation Society, Moultonborough, NH
  • Exeter City Council, Exeter, UK
  • Garden Club of Virginia
  • Philadelphia Historical Commission
  • McLaughlin Gardens, S. Paris, Maine

Josh Meyer Woodford Mansion