Why every organization should maintain a #blacklist

A few months ago, I wrote a fairly comprehensive post on explaining the various types of red lists that professionals in the natural and built environment industry might encounter. Essentially, red lists can symbolize things at risk such as flora or fauna, or it can be used to highlight things that are harmful, such as … More Why every organization should maintain a #blacklist

#Gamification and avoiding the technology trap

Motivation before technology Pick up any book on knowledge management and it will no doubt share a case study on the technology trap, where institutions attempt to make best use of their organizational knowledge by primarily thinking about the problem from an IT perspective centered around software and hardware. Instead of strategizing how to build … More #Gamification and avoiding the technology trap

Unpacking the plans: #MasterPlan, #ComprehensivePlan, or #StrategicPlan ?

I’ve recently participated in some organizational planning exercises through committee work with non-profit organizations as well as the 100+ person firm work at, and it’s been great to get full exposure in all the various planning strategies that an organization may undertake. Throughout all these processes, I’ve noticed that questions always arise about determining the … More Unpacking the plans: #MasterPlan, #ComprehensivePlan, or #StrategicPlan ?

Lotusland, CA

July 2017 marks another great journey to California’s Central Coast, and on this trip was a special visit to Lotusland, located in the Santa Barbara region of the Central Coast. I had previously been in the area just a year before in March to see Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens, which is absolutely stunning in the … More Lotusland, CA