#Chanticleer Garden’s elevated #walkway and a show-stopper #plant #ada

I’ve been to Chanticleer gardens many times since first moving to the area to study landscape architecture almost 15 years ago. The organization is known for excelling as a display garden, with incredibly managed and curated outdoor rooms and spaces that truly transcends our imaginations and senses in terms of what can be accomplished when … More #Chanticleer Garden’s elevated #walkway and a show-stopper #plant #ada

#Schmidt’s Commons: Failed #piazza, successful #urban destination.

I spent my lunchbreak sunning at Schmidt’s Commons, a 80,000 square-foot, open-air urban space in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia that’s part of a larger mixed-use development district. The entire complex comprises of 35 artists’ studios and boutiques and several restaurants. The property was developed by Bart Blatstein as “the Piazza” and then sold to Kushner Properties in 2013, … More #Schmidt’s Commons: Failed #piazza, successful #urban destination.

Lotusland, CA

July 2017 marks another great journey to California’s Central Coast, and on this trip was a special visit to Lotusland, located in the Santa Barbara region of the Central Coast. I had previously been in the area just a year before in March to see Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens, which is absolutely stunning in the … More Lotusland, CA