Following the Master Plan and Stay on Budget!

An exciting initiative to be working on at Tudor Place is the development of their Master Preservation Plan. In a nutshell it aims to address several infrastructure upgrades that will protect the long-term integrity of the historic structures and collections. I arrived just in time for the construction phase of the first project in the … More Following the Master Plan and Stay on Budget!

Getting Creative in Volunteer Management

As Director of Gardens and Grounds at Tudor Place, one of my tasks is to manage the garden volunteer program. I was blessed to inherit a wonderful group of loyal volunteers who have been working in the garden for several years. Its a very symbiotic relationship between organization and volunteer. Good relationships bring numerous rewards … More Getting Creative in Volunteer Management

Fun with Sago Palms!

When I first arrived at Tudor Place, my biggest fears were dealing with the massive boxwood collection as well as caring for the rose garden. Both are usually fairly low maintenance when following a best practices protocol, but things can go wrong very quickly. However, another responsibility is caring for the historic Sago Palms. According … More Fun with Sago Palms!

Update: I’ve moved! Phila. > Washington DC

Its been a busy month! Based on my headline, you’ve likely gathered that i’m on the move. After six wonderful years in Philadelphia working at world class organizations such as Longwood Gardens, University of Pennsylvania, and KieranTimberlake as well the Fairmount Park scene at Woodford Mansion its time to say goodbye for now. I recently … More Update: I’ve moved! Phila. > Washington DC

How I Became an Environmental Graphic Designer this Summer

Back in March 2018 I had one of my better “ah ha” moments of the year. I was serving on an advisory board for a local university arboretum. After a few years of being under-staffed and under-funded, the organization was getting back on its feet by first hiring a full time leadership position and then … More How I Became an Environmental Graphic Designer this Summer