Scan the World #scantheworld #3dPrinting

This is a very brief post to share a recent technology review I wrote for the Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) for a 3D printing resource called Scan the World. 3D printing has increasingly been recognized as an excellent tool for solving many object-based problems across all industries including medicine, entrepreneurship, athletics, manufacturing, and industrial design. We use three 3D printers at my workplace, an architecture firm, to help visualize spaces at various scales and connections. What i find especially interesting about this technology is its recent infiltration to the masses. Low cost 3D printers, vibrant user communities, and broad applications appeal to many user bases from students to scientists, designers, hobbyists, and sustainability enthusiasts.

Additionally, in my review I talk about how some 3D communities are playing impactful roles in preserving the world’s object-based cultural heritage. In fact, if you’re involved in non living collections or manage property in the natural and built environment, 3D printing technology could play an important role in helping visitors, patrons, and users to learn and engage with content. If you appreciate citizen science projects, technology-centered event programming, or are looking to learn more about emerging concepts in digital preservation of physical objects such as statues, monuments, and other cultural objects, then check out my review here:


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