Hilltop Arboretum

I visited Hilltop Arboretum toward the end of March, and while the climate was pretty perfect [partly sunny, near 80], much of the flora in the arboretum was just far along enough to be appreciated. The 14 acre property is situated on a highpoint about six miles south of the LSU campus, of whom also … More Hilltop Arboretum

ChesLen Preserve

ChesLen Preserve is great destination for naturalists and outdoor enthusiasts and has miles and miles of trails trekking through the prettiest fields, woods, stream corridors, and serpentine barrens of Chester County, PA. At 1,263-acres, it is overseen by the Natural Lands Trust, and is one of the largest private nature preserves in southeastern Pennsylvania. What … More ChesLen Preserve

The Highline NYC

**updated 6/2017 In 1934, an elevated rail line was opened on the West Side of Manhattan as an efficient way to transport goods from the industrial center today enjoyed my many as West Chelsea. But as we saw emerge post-war through a series of national transportation  initiatives, the automobile was king in America. A grand … More The Highline NYC

Muir Woods, CA

Muir Woods is a very special NPS property for its ecological and cultural significance, and I was so happy to be able to visit this site for my self on a beautiful March day. Its perpetual protection dates back to January 9, 1908, when President Theodore Roosevelt and land owner William Kent together established Muir Woods … More Muir Woods, CA

Descanso Gardens, CA

Another stop on my California trip was Descanso Gardens, located northwest of Pasadena in greater Los Angeles. I was drawn to this property for the historical and cultural significance of the landscape over time, especially with the Native American people and Spanish colonization. In the botanic garden world, most east coast institution’s narratives begin sometime between … More Descanso Gardens, CA

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden was another stop on the California trip, and I was especially interested to visit this garden for its emphasis on California native plants as evidenced by its mission statement “to foster the conservation of California’s native plants through our gardens, research, and education, and serve as a role model of sustainable practices.” … More Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Leaning Pines Arboretum – Cal Poly SLO

I visited the Leaning Pine Arboretum both in March 2016 and now July 2017. Its situated on the Cal Poly Campus, and comprises five acres overlooking the campus- complete with fantastic views of the coastal mountains, the Santa Lucia mountains, in the distance. This garden, self-described as the Central Coast’s premier horticultural display garden, is … More Leaning Pines Arboretum – Cal Poly SLO